Origami Heart Bookmark
This long origami heart bookmark is the perfect gift for friends and family who love to read. Made from 1 sheet of rectangular paper, this o...
Copyright:Francis Ow
Origami Heart Corner Bookmark
These pretty origami hearts are easy to make and also perfect to keep your place whilst reading. Make an origami heart corner bookmark for f...
Copyright:Francis Ow
Winged Origami Heart
This origami heart with wings designed by Francis Ow is an easy to intermediate model. This origami winged heart is great for decorating car...
Copyright:Francis Ow
Fancy Origami Heart
This pretty origami heart is made from 1 sheet of rectangular paper and is often folded with a dollar bill. These origami hearts have a circ...
Copyright:Stephen Hetch
Origami Heart
Learn how to make an easy origami heart! This origami love heart takes only a minute to make from 1 sheet of square paper. Write a love note...