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Here are some great origami websites that we really love!

There are a lot of origami websites out there (some are better than others), each is unique and often run by the origami designer him/herself.

Hopefully more people will start creating origami tutorials and websites, so that more people can learn how to make origami.

Our favourite origami websites: – An older website, run by Gilad Aharoni, an origami designer and collector of origami information. This is a very detailed website containing a huge database of information on origami models and their designers, origami books – more information than you could possibly ever need. – A nice new website, run by Peter Saydak, it includes some origami tutorials and a nice list of origami models with links to the tutorials. This website also has a great blog article section which has some great articles on goings on in the origami world. – A wonderful origami tutorial website run by Leyla Torres, who also has a youtube channel. This blog style origami website has many fun and well made tutorials for many different origami models by different origami designers. – A popular website, regularly updated with new content, run by Chrissy Pushkin who also has a youtube channel. This website has hundreds of origami tutorials, a lot in video format, some diagrams and other paper craft projects, reviews and printable origami paper. – Run by Sarah Adams, an origami designer and youtube tutorial creator. There are many origami tutorials on her website as well as a great collection of diagrams. Updated quite regularly. – An older, clunky website run by Fumiaki Shingu, this is a very popular website, with a great selection of origami diagrams. They are more simple designs with a very Japanese style. The website is updated with new designs sometimes.

There are of course many other websites, and we are sure there are some great ones out there, you can let us know about them by contacting us on our about page here.

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