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About the Origami.guide Website

Origami.guide is a high quality website teaching how to make origami.

This website was created with the intention of bringing it’s readers easy to follow, clear instructions on how to make origami.

Origami.guide features an easy to navigate category menu to the left (top menu on mobile). This makes it easy to find the origami model you wish to make. We have also added a search box above the categories. Simply click the search box, enter your text and tap your return key.

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The search box and Category list

It’s also easy to determine the difficulty level of the origami project when selecting a model and also on each tutorials first page.

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Each tutorial has a difficulty rating and copyright info

Each origami model has a difficulty rating of beginner, easy, intermediate or advanced. You’ll also sometimes see the ratings “easy-intermediate” or “intermediate-advanced” – these represent the models in between difficulty levels.

Origami.Guide has unique features that make navigating and saving tutorials easy. You can add tutorials to a personal favourites list, copy the url of the tutorial as well as share the tutorial on social media.

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Share the tutorial on social media, add to a personal favorites list and copy the post url.

We make sure to photograph each step, so as not to miss any out. You will not find many arrows or lines in our step by step tutorials. This is because we have found these to be more confusing than simple “before and after” style instructions. Each step also has a written instruction to the right (or underneath on smaller screens).

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Each step has an enlargeable photo, step number, and url anchor.

Each photo can also be clicked in order to enlarge it if you need to. Each step in a tutorial also has its own link, simply click on the little paperclip icon on the individual photo to copy the link to your clipboard. Then, you can paste the link in a new tab, email or wherever you like.

Some models have a video tutorial included at the end, and each tutorial will indicate if the video is available on the first page of the tutorial.

Don’t forget to bookmark any tutorials you wish to complete later by holding down your CTRL (command on Mac) and tapping D.

It’s really nice to see your results! Why not take a photo of your finished model, you can leave a comment and upload it at the end of each tutorial. Alternatively, tag @origamidotguide on instagram or facebook.

We have taken a lot of time creating the tutorials on Origami.guide. We very much hope that you enjoy them!

We’re always open to feedback, suggestions or requests, please feel free to contact us using the form at the bottom of this page. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

© Copyright Info

All our tutorial contents are the property of Origami Guide.

Tutorials marked “Copyright: Traditional” are in the public domain, which means that anyone is allowed to create a tutorial for the model, no attribution is required.

These finished Traditional models can be used for any purpose, including commercial uses such as your own t-shirt designs, your own stock photos, your own youtube tutorials, and creating instructions (in your own words and photos).

All of the origami tutorial photos on origami.guide are copyrighted origami.guide, they are not available for anyone to use unless express permission is granted.

This means, you cannot copy and paste any text on Origami.Guide or use the photos on Origami.Guide for any commercial use unless express permission is granted.

With that being said, please feel free to share our main origami model images on social media with a link to our origami tutorial.

Schools, collages, universities and other educational organisations: Please feel free to use Origami.Guide as a resource for your students. Origami.Guide’s content is free to use for non-profit causes and educational use.

Origami.Guide’s tutorials including photos and text are not available to use for any commercial re-sale, digital ebook or physical book or publication of any kind and is not available to be re-edited or packaged in any way.

If you have any questions about any of the origami models on this website or would like to correct any mistakes, please contact us below.

Our photographs are available in large watermark-free format, for commercial licensing or public use, please contact us.

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