How To Make an Origami Camellia Flower

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Origami Camellia Flower

Level: Easy-Intermediate

Copyright: Traditional ?

Time Needed: Approx. 5 Minutes

Tools: None

Supplies: 1 Sheet of Square Paper

Learn how to fold a pretty origami camellia flower from one square sheet of paper. These origami flowers are easy to intermediate. This means that if you’re new to origami, you might find it a little challenging, at first!

This camellia flower is actually an origami “Tato” which is a envelope type purse, that is flat but can hold coins or other flat items such as threads, needles or clips. Origami Tatos are popular to use as gift cards, to send messages or folded multiple times to make into an origami quilt.

Origami quilts are simply origami models that are fastened onto a poster board or other surface, in a repeating pattern.

This origami camellia flower looks lovely as a flat decoration, but you can also open the petal part of the flower up a little, making it look three-dimentional. The inner part of the flower can be folded out or curled, or left as is.

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You can also nest these origami camellia flowers into one another, click here to get the instructions on how to do that.

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