How To Make Origami Mountain & Valley Folds

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Origami Mountain & Valley Folds

Level: Beginner

Copyright: Traditional ?

Time Needed: Approx. 5 Minutes

Tools: None

Supplies: 1 Sheet of Square Paper

Understanding origami mountain and valley folds is very useful whilst following origami diagrams or tutorials. The term mountain and valley are quite easy to remember as they represent the mountain tops (peaks) and the valley (dips) of the paper.

You will find valley fold and mountain fold lines on all origami diagrams and some on origami photo tutorials.

They are there to make it easier to understand. Most of the time, mountain fold lines are there to remind you which creases need to be folded backwards. Or they are there simply to save time for the diagrammer, so they need not create an extra ‘turn the paper over’ step.

If you think of a simple landscape, with tall mountains, it’s easy to imagine the paper is that landscape. The tips of the mountains are the tips of the paper and the valleys of the paper are the dips.

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