How To Fold An 8 Petal Origami Flower

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8 Petal Origami Flower

Level: Intermediate

Copyright: Traditional ?

Time Needed: Approx. 5 Minutes

Tools: None

Supplies: 1 Sheet of Square Paper

Learn how to fold a beautiful origami flower with eight petals and a stem from a single sheet of square paper. This intermediate traditional origami flower is perfect to make a whole bouquet of paper flowers.

This pretty origami flower is quite unique, having 8 petals and being a moderately easy origami model. Please use a large size of origami paper, such as 15 x 15 cm (6×6 inches) or even larger. Using thinner paper is also recommended.

Having a little stem at the back, you can use this to stand it up as well. When made with red paper this flower makes a perfect Christmas Poinsettia Flower.

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We have another similar flower for you to fold, if you struggle with this one, it may be a good idea to try that one first. Click here to view the Origami Blossom Flower tutorial.

Here is the finished flower along with it's slightly more difficult friend.
Here is the finished flower along with it’s slightly more difficult friend.

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